15 Real Estate Advertising Ideas

by admin on September 6, 2012

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of real estate advertising ideas.

Instead of simply listing these ideas, it’s better group them in categories. This approach makes it easier to identify a wider variety of new ideas.

Here are 15 sources of new ideas.

Before planning and undertaking any form of advertising, remember that the best form of advertising is word-of-mouth promotion.

Not only is this third party endorsement more believable than paid promotion, it doesn’t cost anything.

1. Print Media

In pre-Internet days, print media was the most commonly used form of advertising.

At that time, real estate professionals advertised in a wide range of newspapers, magazines and books to promote themselves and their listings.

With the growth of the Internet over the past decade, print advertising has become a less important source of real estate advertising ideas.

Most real estate professionals have shifted to online advertising.

2. Electronic Media

The growth in cable and specialty television channels offers a variety of potentially effective advertising opportunities.

Check with your local cable service provider to learn more about how you can promote yourself and your product, on cable TV.

Although more expensive that cable, traditional television and radio outlets also offer advertising opportunities.

3. Outdoor & Indoor Advertising

outdoor advertising

From an advertising perspective, virtually every outdoor surface has the potential to either carry an advertising message or have one some how attached to it.

This approach has spread to indoor surfaces…both horizontal and vertical…indoors wherever consumers gather, from arenas to shopping malls.

This form of advertising can be a very effective approach for reinforcing your other marketing communications and maintaining a visible presence in your marketplace.

Keep in mind that this advertising can be costly…and also very difficult to track its overall effectiveness.

4. Flyers & Brochures

These tools are among the most flexible and versatile marketing communications available.

Using your computer and printer you can produce your own flyers. Whenever you list or sell a home, get the word out quickly with ‘just listed’ or ‘just sold’ flyers.

You can also prepare the copy for your brochures.

But for maximum quality, it’s better to have the brochures professionally printed.

5. Internet Promotion

There seems to be no limit to Internet and online real estate advertising ideas.

These ideas include:

As with all advertising, before spending any money or money on Internet and online promotion, ensure that whatever approach you choose can effectively convey your message to your target market.

6. Promotional Advertising Gifts

The overall purpose of advertising promotional gifts is to help people remember you so they will hire you again and refers others to you.

The scope of advertising promotional gifts is virtually limitless.

Regardless of what gifts you choose, make sure that they reinforce your personal brand.

7. Advertising Specialties

advertising promotional gifts

Promotional advertising specialties are items such as a bags, calendars, baseball caps, pens and similar items that businesses give to prospects, clients and contacts.

They carry your name, office and contact information.

Intended to serve as reminders of you and the services that you provide, these items are also known as ‘advertising novelties’, ‘promotional products’ or simply ‘trinkets & trash’.

For ideas on advertising specialties, click here

8. direct mail

A specialized form of advertising, direct mail can help identify and generate leads.

Whether in regular or e-mail format, you can send a specific message to people whose names and addresses you know.

It also allows you more control over when, how often and to whom you send your message.

9. Newsletters

A valuable component of your marketing plan, newsletters are ideal vehicles for keeping in touch with prospects, clients and referral sources.

10. Blogging

real esatate blogging

Blogging is a fast and easy way of keeping in touch.

It allows you to communicate with prospects, clients and contacts and tell them what’s happening now.

11. Community Involvement

Active involvement in your local community offers a wide range of direct…and indirect…real estate advertising ideas.

Whether it’s sponsoring a sports team, offering a scholarship or some other award or simply advertising in community newsletters and programs it all helps keep your name present in the community.

Prospective clients will soon start to see you as some one committed to the community….and think of of you when they need help with real estate issues.

12. Outside The Box


Subject to good taste and suitability for your market, there are virtually no limits to real estate advertising ideas to promote you and your service.

Draw on your own creativity to come up with as many new ideas as you can.

Keep your eyes and mind open to see what other service providers…whether working in real estate or not…are doing to advertise in their niche markets.

13. Branded Text Messages

Branded text messages are great wireless promotional tools.

They offer a competitive advantage, allowing you to apply mobile technology to attract more prospects and generate more new business.

14. QR Codes

QR code

If you don’t know what a QR code is, you should.

According to Wikipedia

“A QR Code is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones.

“The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded can be text, URL or other data.

“…QR is the abbreviation for Quick Response, as the creator intended the code to allow its contents to be decoded at high speed.”

Like branded text messages, QR coding offers the opportunity of sending advertising messages remotely and instantly.

15. Personalized Achievement Coaching

Clearly there is no shortage of real estate advertising ideas.

From the perspective of real estate marketing, the two major challenges are:

  • identifying the most appropriate real estate advertising ideas for you and your market
  • applying these real estate advertising ideas effectively and efficiently to attract the most and best new business.

Regardless of your experience with advertising, Personalized Achievement Coaching can help help you overcome these challenges.

This service will provide you with as much or as little coaching help to help you maximize the benefits you will receive from your advertising. Check it out.

Make your advertising as effective at attracting clients as you are at serving clients.

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