Ten Core Values That Will Help You Succeed

by admin on September 5, 2012

There are at least ten core values that will help you succeed.

These values are:

  • Commitment
  • Decisiveness
  • Excellence
  • Honesty
  • Innovation
  • Loyalty
  • Positive Attitude
  • Respect
  • Self Reliance
  • Systemization

After a description of these values I have included a suggestion as to how you can identify your own values.

Personal Values

Personal values are important in both our personal and working lives.

These values shape our individual belief systems, which in turn determine how we interact with other people.

Our values are also reflected in our personal goals.

When we achieve our personal goals, we are living our values…living a life that reflects our personal belief system.

Core Values

ten core values

Our personal values do more than influence how we lives our lives.

At least ten core values influence how we live our working lives…and succeed in our work and businesses.

These ten core values are basic to who we are as people that they are virtually automatic.

The ten core values are not something that you think about and consciously apply…they are an integral part of who you really are.

In greater detail, here are ten core values that will help you succeed.

1. Commitments To Actions Not Results


Simply committing to desired results does automatically mean that you will achieve those results.

Commitment means being bound to a course of action to bring about desired results.

In other words being committed and achieving your desired results…or goals…is all about taking actions to achieve results.

Your actions…not your words…give life and meaning to your commitments.

2. Decisiveness Is Being Able To Make Decisions Promptly

In most cases, a prompt decision made with honest intentions is better than a decision that has taken too long to make…or even worse…left unmade for any reason.

Making decisions promptly requires less time and energy than do long drawn our decision-making processes.

As an added benefit increased decisiveness helps increase a person’s confidence.

To learn about the connection, see How To Become Decisive And Self-Confident

3. Strive for Perfection, Settle for Excellence


Perfection means being accurate, exact, or correct in every detail.

Desirable though this state may be, it is not always achievable.

Excellence on the other hand, refers to possessing outstanding quality or superior merit… remarkably good.

In common terms this means achieving the best results you possibly can.

Think of taking a test or writing an exam.

Certainly when we take the testy or write the exam we would like to achieve 100%. That’s striving for perfection.

However, depending on the circumstances, most of us would settle for the highest passing grade that we can possibly achieve. That’s settling for excellence.

4. Honesty Includes Truthfulness, Sincerity & Frankness

If you enjoy the art of storytelling for the amusement of others the question of whether not they are totally true is a not important.

No one is likely to be injured or seriously inconvenienced by your creative spin.

Similarly, if you are telling stories for entertainment purposes, your sincerity & frankness are also non-issues.

However, when are trying to succeed in your work, either in you own business or as an employee, you and what you say are taken very seriously.

Colleagues, prospects and clients all rely on what you say. These people could suffer serious consequences if your comments are less than 100% honest.

Certainly it is important to be totally honest in your work.

However, morals and ethical issues aside, a lack of honesty can limit…or perhaps totally eliminate… your ultimate success.

5. Innovation Is A New Way Of Doing Things


Unfortunately too many believe that innovation is something that other people do.

Innovation involves looking beyond doing things the way they have always been done.

If for example, you’ve always advertised your business and services in various print media, maybe it’s time you seriously considered online marketing.

The Internet is so widely available that most prospective customers now start their research online.

Just because you have traditionally performed a task the same way, it does not mean that is the only way the activity can be successfully completed.

Try stretching beyond your self-imposed limitations and create new and potentially better ways of doing things in your work.

6. Loyalty Means Being Faithful To Your Obligations

The moment you undertake a project or assignment is the point at which you start working to demonstrate your loyalty to the people for whose benefit you are doing the work.

There are two main ways to demonstrate your loyalty:

  • continuously providing best quality service that you possibly can
  • remaining faithful to your commitment to provide this service for as long as it takes to get the successfully complete the project or assignment.

7. A Positive Attitude Helps Achieve Your Goals


Here is a quick and easy way to develop a more positive attitude in as little as 30 minutes a day:

Spend at least 30 minutes each day to doing something that is:

  • personal, which means doing it alone
  • pleasing to you
  • positive and leaves you feeling good about yourself and your work

8. Your Respect Demonstrates That You Value Some One or Something

Mutual respect is what allows people to interact with each other effectively and with a minimum of conflicts.

By demonstrating that you value others, you also increase your trustworthiness…a critical element of succeeding in your business or work.

Respect is like trust:

  • the more you give out…the more you earn back
  • once lost, it’s more difficult to regain it than earn it in the first place

To learn 5 ways to show your respect for others, click here.

9. Self Reliance… A Secret To Success


By definition, self reliance is the capacity to manage your own affairs, make your own judgments, and provide for yourself.

It is important to note that this does not mean always doing everything for yourself.

The key is to manage your affairs by doing what you do best…and delegating the rest.

As part of this process, gather as much relevant information as you need …including other people’s opinions…and then exercise your own best judgment to make the right decision.

The right decision is the one enables you to best use all of the resources available to you to achieve your desired results.

Achieving your goals is a process that you must manage yourself.

While other people can and should assist you in the process, managing the process is yours…and yours alone.

To learn more about self reliance, see Self Reliance – Secret To Success

10. Systemization Simplifies Your Work


When you systematize everything you can, you will experience less stress and frustration.

You will also work more effectively and efficiently. Other benefits offered by systematization include:

  • more time available to serve clients…less time on non-money making activities.
  • a sense of accomplishment as the number of your systems grows.
  • increased self-confidence that you are retaining and improving your best practices
  • a better-run business with

Identifying Your Ten Core Values

These ten core values will help most people succeed.

However, since every individual is different, it may be that your ten core values are slightly different from the ten core values listed above.

Realistically there are hundreds of core values that help individuals succeed.

This means that no ten core values are right for everybody.

What is important is that you identify you own ten core values, which is a fairly easy and straight forward process.

Start by simply identifying what you value most.

If you have trouble getting started, check out How To Achieve Better Marketing Results…Sooner.

This ebook contains an exercise…Exercise #1…which will help you identify what you value most.

Once you have identified what you value most, match your values closely as you can to the ten core values listed above.

When you have identified your own ten core values…get on with running your business.

Your personal own ten core values will help you succeed in your own way.

If you would like some help building on your core values, check out Personalized Achievement Coaching

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